Jewels is great! We recently moved to Norco from Las Vegas and she was able to work her schedule around ours when we could only travel down on certain dates. She scheduled at least 10 visits around Norco, Riverside, and Canyon Lake in the one day we could set aside to travel out! After a marathon day, she showed us around Norco and even went to dinner to discuss options. When we found a promising house online, we were only able to see the outside due to renters. Jewels scheduled an appointment and she went to the residence to FaceTime it to us since we were unable to travel back to see it. When a few issues arose during the sale, Jewels told us we could look into other properties because “there will always be more houses.” Jewels’ relaxed approach made it obvious she wasn’t just in it for the sale, but rather wanted us to be in the house we wanted! After the sale, I’ve kept in touch and reached out to her for information on the local area. She is always available to help, and we are so happy we were able to work with her! Highly recommended!