Pikes Peak Park in Norco

Pikes Peak Park, nestled in the heart of Norco, is a charming recreational space that offers a blend of natural beauty and outdoor amenities for residents and visitors alike.

With its well-maintained grounds and diverse features, the park provides a welcoming environment for individuals and families seeking leisure and relaxation.

Credit: Photos and insights from the Yelp community reviews.


Families with children can enjoy the park’s playground facilities, providing a safe and entertaining space for youngsters to engage in outdoor play. 

Picnic Areas

Ideal for gatherings and socializing, the park offers designated picnic areas equipped with tables and benches. Visitors can bring their own meals or snacks to enjoy a leisurely picnic in the fresh air.

Sports Facilities

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the park’s sports facilities.

Scenic Trails 

Pikes Peak Park boasts a network of scenic walking and jogging trails, inviting nature enthusiasts to explore the serene surroundings. The trails wind through lush greenery and may offer picturesque views of the landscape.


  • Basketball Court
  • Fitness Track
  • Grass Area
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Parking Lot
  • Picnic Shelter – Permit Required
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground
  • Restroom

Pikes Peak Park is strategically located, providing easy access for residents of Norco and nearby areas. The park aims to be inclusive, offering facilities for people of all ages and abilities.

Before planning a visit, it’s advisable to check with local authorities or official sources for any specific rules, regulations, or updates regarding Pikes Peak Park in Norco. Visit Norco’s website at www.norco.ca.us